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Comments to mauz15

geo321 says...

"I would give you a *quality for the Chuck Close avatar if I could".

thanks Mauz. I appreciate the good will gesture. Now I have to look up Chuck Close...I honestly don't know who Chuck Close is...I should probably know whose face I'm stealing.

calvados says...

In reply to this comment by mauz15:
Sometimes you can see the youtube video title and length even if it's dead, so I copied the original Russian title and looked for the results that had the exact length time and similar thumbnails.

In reply to this comment by calvados:
Wow -- bro, how did you ever find a replacement feed for the cheerful Russian kids' song about ghastly nuclear immolation? I tried like hell, couldn't find it!

Zonbie says...

James Watson: The double helix and today's DNA mysteries
thanks for posting - was really interesting

kronosposeidon says...

I know what you're saying about the filler episodes. Except for the brief Amigai arc they pretty much suck.

In reply to this comment by mauz15:
I watched a few episodes years ago, but then months of fillers followed so I stopped watching it. Bebop, GITS, and Monster are my favorites. Monster is long, but doesn't disappoint like other long series often do.

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